Why our Interior Designers cost 80% less

Laura Hernandez

Laura Hernandez

August 8, 2019

When coming up with the best processes to improve the remodeling industry, we quickly realized that projects which have the proper amount of planning and design go significantly better than the ones without. Customers who do an interior design phase to properly decide and understand what they want to be done to their space are happier with the outcome, and less nervous when we start construction. Since having an interior design phase is a cornerstone of our process, we realized we would need to also make it cost-effective and affordable for our clients.

What does an Interior Designer Do?

Interior Designers are a crucial part of the remodeling process. From space-saving to resale optimizing, designers can help with a variety of aspects of remodeling your next kitchen, bathroom, or other space. In a typical project, your designer will provide you or your contractor with plans and materials to use on your project. They will spend time choosing the best materials and coming up with the best configuration for your home, as well as making electrical and plumbing plans.

How do Interior Designers Charge?

In the normal setting, you can expect your designer to charge you one of a few ways:

Hourly — Can vary from $35-$250 or more per hour with an average of around $125. This would cover their time doing anything you ask of them, including revisions and updates. This is the best option, because you end up getting exactly what you pay for, time-wise, while still being able to change your mind or ask for different deliverables. This is how Bamboo charges.

Fixed — A fixed fee is very straight forward. Your designer might offer a package deal that includes bathroom design, material selection and 2 revisions for $1000. Sometimes these contracts will include hour caps that they will charge above and beyond for if gone over. Most designers will charge a flat fee for an initial consult ranging from $75-$200 to look at your space, take measurements and speak about what you want to be done with your space. At Bamboo, we offer this for free to our clients, along with providing them with a 3D scan so it can be done remotely.

Percentage Above Cost — This is a "cost-plus" model which means that your designer might charge you an extra mark-up on materials or total project cost. Usually ranging from 15-25% above the retail or wholesale price, they will charge a retainer to cover overhead, etc. At Bamboo, we use cost-plus on our construction projects, but not in the design phase, and never for any materials, we purchase for your project. We actually believe in passing our contractor and wholesale discounts down to our customers.

Combination — Some designers will use a combination of the pricing options above, breaking them down by project sections or maybe marking up materials in addition to charging a fixed or hourly fee. Its important to check with your designer before you move ahead or sign any contracts.

How is Bamboo Different?

Our founder decided, when he started the company, that we would be a changing force in the remodeling industry. To him, there was no sense in charging customers extra to get the same products they could on their own, and no reason to use expensive interior designers when equally skilled and experienced designers can be used from all around the globe. When working with our designers, you will get the same professional experience you would normally get, but at a quarter of the price.

Most of our designers charge anywhere from $10 to $30 an hour. They will give you any revisions you would like and are there to collaborate with and get advice from throughout your project. We only hire the designers that meet our strict criteria so we can make sure our clients are getting high-quality work. Since 3D visuals are also a cornerstone of our process, we only hire people who are efficient at working in the programs we require or give you the option to work with a specialized 3D artist.

At Bamboo, we believe in transparent pricing and excellent customer service. We want to make your next remodel experience entirely different from any you've had before. Call us today to schedule your free 3D scan.

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