What to expect from your Interior Designer in 2019

Rachel Strong

Rachel Strong

April 1, 2019

When you're first starting a remodel project, it's highly advised to use an interior designer to assist you. In 2019, technology is more present than ever in our everyday lives, and it is only fitting that this tech comes into the remodeling world. Although standard forms of design are still acceptable and necessary, it's important for you to know what else you can get from an interior designer in this day and age.

Each interior designer is different and might offer different things to you at the end of the design process. You have a few different options of the plans your designers and artists can leave you with. Here's a small breakdown from the simplest to the most detailed.

A mood board is just a concept board with a different name. It's a place where ideas, colors, furniture pieces, and textures can come together on a page for preliminary screening. The mood board helps you understand what your space could feel like before anything is ordered or put into place. This option is usually for space re-decorating but can be used to help you reimagine your space and understand what kinds of themes or patterns you prefer. In the modern age, a Pinterest board or Houzz idea book can serve the same purpose.

Depending on the size of your remodel, your designer can provide you with a birds-eye 2D model of your space. If you are remodeling a bathroom, this could include the new locations of the faucets or toilets, it will show the dimensions, doors, lights, and fixtures. These plans are helpful for seeing space between objects and understanding if walls are moving, etc. These provide more information to contractors and architects than homeowners.

This is a 2D layout showing the height measurement of each element in a space from the floor to ceiling. This is the 2D model of a wall as if you were looking at it. These layouts are typically used for kitchen cabinetry layouts or special tile configurations. They are on black and white and can help you understand what a room will look like, one wall at a time from an upright perspective.


Now here is where technology can begin to meet the remodeling industry. Designers can use a range of different programs to deliver you with a 3D rendering of your ideas. These are offered in a range of budgets depending on which program is used and how many details you would like incorporated. 3D artists and Interior Designers can show you, room by room what your new space will look like. The best part is that there are many options when it comes to the detail level and programs they use; which can save you money while still providing you with an awesome visual.


We believe that this is where the future of the residential remodeling world is going and would love to have each of our clients experience the awesome video walk-throughs and interactive home remodel spaces our designers create. Being able to walk-through your virtual space really lets you get comfortable with any of the ideas being proposed to you and leaves any guesswork out of choosing materials or understanding what a potential wall tear out will look like. You can experience your new space as if it was already done.

At Bamboo, we understand the amazing power of technology; and we are using this technology to provide our customers with a highly visual and interactive experience during their remodel. We offer our clients the chance to do a full virtual remodel for a super reasonable price before any remodeling actually happens. This not only reduces mistakes on our projects but lets them understand exactly how their new home will look too! It is up to you to choose how detailed you want your designer to go! We try to make it possible and affordable for all of our customers to experience their space digitally before any construction happens. We think it's important to be able to see what cool changes will happen and what colors will look good before a can of paint is even opened.

Take a look at some of our design Pro's to see if you'd be interested in working with them today, or set up a free consultation for us to go over your project with you.

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