What Kind of Designer Do You Need?

Laura Hernandez

Laura Hernandez

May 31, 2019

The world of design is becoming more and more advanced, and with that, giving us more opportunities to see and envision things before they become a reality. The world of design is being... redesigned. Residential remodeling is taking a step into the future, and with this comes a little confusion as to who does what in the design area.

We have all heard of architects, and probably heard of interior designers, but now 3D artists and even game developers are entering the realm of construction and design. In order to make sure you have the right people work with you on your next project, we're taking the time to break down the different roles each of these people play in a renovation project.


This professional is in charge of creating and designing the structure from the ground up. Architects design the footprint and structure of a building. Typically they will focus more on new builds or extensions to a house. This person has to have a good understanding of engineering and structural science. They focus on how the building will stand, how tall it can be and even creative solutions regarding the landscape around each building. Depending on the architecture firm, this designer might also choose materials for the outside of the structure, or collaborate with a different designer to do so. Architectural firms can usually make 3D models of the homes they propose to their clients, but they might also outsource it to a 3D designer.

After the architect has designed the structure, he hands his plans over to an interior designer.

Interior Designers

By definition, this person would be in charge of anything else to be designed in a new building or addition. In a remodel, they would be in charge of any design work you would need. This includes everything from flooring, wall materials, and colors, trims, doors, cabinets, furniture, lighting, handles, and hardware even down to the very last pillow or candle. Obviously, this is a lot of work, so sometimes there are designers who focus strictly on certain areas. This can get broken into exteriors, kitchens and baths, or only furniture and decor. Interior Designers have a lot of details to focus on and can help your space have incredible "flow". They work on the functionality of spaces and on making them comfortable, functional, and equally beautiful! Once you tell your interior designer all of the "needs" for your space, he or she will come up with a design proposal for you. Each designer might offer different end results, depending on the technology they're used to working with. We encourage all of our customers to go through with 3D renderings of their spaces, which usually means that a 3D artist needs to get involved.

Sometimes a designer will/can make a 3D rendering his/herself but if a more realistic render is required, a 3D Designer will be hired to collaborate with.

3D Artists

Although some interior designers prefer to do it on their own, some will use a specific 3D designer, depending on the clients' requests for visuals. A 3D artist can help clients visualize their new space in a virtual reality program. These can be very detailed visualizations that can make the space basically feel real. The programs provide an excellent product as the end result. Using the existing space measurements, or the blueprints, the 3D artist will build each wall (or proposed walls) in the program and build the structure from the ground up (virtually). Using this method, clients can be 100% secure in their choices to knock down walls or use certain color schemes in a room. This also allows the client to understand the before after of their space and even insert specific products or lights to help everyone be on the same page. We have found that these visuals can also help contractors on the job when understanding tile layouts or specific design features of a remodel. By using this technology, mistakes are reduced both before and during construction, which can save everyone time and money.

At Bamboo, we use incredible designers from all over the world. They are able to meet with you remotely to address your design needs and help you create the kitchen, bathroom, or home remodel you have been dreaming about. Give us a call to schedule your free consultation today.

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