What are the Transitional Design Basics?

Laura Hernandez

Laura Hernandez

November 8, 2019


If you are wondering how you should decorate your house and really can't decide what your design style is, transitional decor might just be for you. This design style mixes the best of a few worlds using modern touches and complimenting it with traditional classics. This design style can appease almost anyone as it perfectly combines new and old. Look at the basics of this style that we put together so you can achieve this timeless style in your home.

1 Keep it Neutral

The first thing to note is the muted and simple color that this style uses. Traditional and modern decor both use very simple color palettes which means transitional does too. Think about using very plain colors as your base like greys, whites, and creams. You can add a pop of color using muted colors from nature like a blue, green, or yellow. Most often colors are added subtly and with good taste. The key is to keep a calm yet beautiful environment.

2 Minimal Accessories

Transitional style will always be timeless because it draws on the trends of today. Minimalism and sleek lines are dominant in today's styles. Transitional decor draws on this by including very few accessories in its style. To get this sought after look, you should be very intentional with the accessories you choose. Embrace the minimalistic mindset and think of the accessories that might not only look good, but could be useful to you. Small potted plants are a popular choice, along with trays or candles.

3 Soft & Simple Lines

We have all seen the beautiful Victorian era couches that use arabesque lines and curves to make a stunning statement, or use deep tufted fabric to draw in your eye. The beauty of transitional design is that you can use either of these beautiful ideas, but modernize them so your home is up to date too! Transitional design emphasizes soft lines that are gentle on the eye. Straight and clear cut corners and edges on furniture really give it the modern touch without making it feel less cozy.

4 Sophisticated & Comfy

Transitional design is also all about the luxury and comfort that a space should have. Finding the balance of sophisticated yet cozy can be hard but think big comfy pillows and a couch that you could get lost in with clean modern lines and paired with a beautiful wooden coffee table. The space should invite and be warm, elegant, rich and beautiful.

5 Solids are King

The other beautiful thing about this style is that you don't have to worry about clashing patterns or colors. Since it uses such a neutral palette, it's hard to go wrong. Don't buy pillows or fabrics with strong patterns or shapes, but rely on solids to bring your space together. Remember, you can use different shades of your accent color or wood tones to bring in more depth or color.

The amazing thing about this style is that when done right, it can last a lifetime. You can also keep some older pieces of furniture you might have already and accent them with more modern pieces to get this beautiful, timeless look. If you are nervous about understanding how your space will come together, we are happy to help you pair up with one of our interior designers to let you re-imagine and visualize your new space in 3D. Call us today to schedule your free consultation!

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