Top 5 Kitchen Remodel Trends in Austin for 2020

Johanna Macalalag

Johanna Macalalag

August 15, 2019

Not only are we in the business of saving you money but we want to make sure that you are up to date with all of the lastest and greatest kitchen interior design trends in Austin for 2020. We want your home to be timeless and hold its value while becoming a space that you enjoy and that is functional for you. As the remodeling industry improves, and technology advances daily, new and modern trends arise. We highlight some of the best here to give you some design inspiration and help you consider which you might want to incorporate into your next remodel.

1. Backsplash Feature Wall

We see a lot of kitchens recently that include a feature wall. This wall can be anywhere that you want to highlight or draw attention to, but it will typically include counter to ceiling backsplash. This can be done with a variety of tiles but the timeless white subway will always be a safe bet. The kitchen below highlights a chevron pattern to make the subway a little more interesting while still maintaining a classic look.

Image Source

2. Wrapped Stone Islands

Marble from the floor up can create such a clean-lined and beautiful look. As the island melts into the floor, it opens up the space and also gives your kitchen a very modern look. You can use this technique with many natural stone materials like granite or quartz. We have a few articles about choosing the best countertop for your needs , and frequently asked questions we get about countertops.

Image Source
Image Source

3. Floor to Ceiling Cabinetry (Storage Walls)

Storage walls used with modern flat-paneled cabinetry will be a huge trend in 2020. This option gives you a lot more storage and creates the feeling of a wall rather than cabinets. This will make your kitchen feel bigger while giving you the added benefit of hiding all your things away! Your house could feel like a spaceship while providing you with clean lines and plenty of places to put everything you need.

Image Source
Image Source

4. Built-in Fridge and Dishwasher

Along the lines of a storage wall, most cabinetry companies offer covers that can seamlessly blend your fridge or dishwasher to look like another of your cabinets. This trend is becoming more and more popular because of the modern and clean-lined look it gives your kitchen.

Image Source
Image Source

5. Glass Pendants

Big bulbed glass pendants in the kitchen are a timeless trend that can work in a variety of styles in your newly remodeled kitchen. The great thing about these is their diversity to blend into a lot of different spaces while providing ample light and making a statement. These will continue to trend well through 2020 and beyond.

Image Source

If you have other design questions or would like to dream up a kitchen of your own, feel free to give us a call or download our app. You can work with one of our many talented designers to create an on-trend kitchen design that will help optimize the value of your home and let you enjoy it even more.

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