The Next Big Thing in Remodeling: Matterport

Laura Hernandez

Laura Hernandez

June 27, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, we have done it. We have arrived in the future, where cars drive themselves and there are cameras that can take an entire 3D capture of your home. We know this sounds a little crazy, but we promise it's worth knowing about as it is changing the way we do renovation forever. When we found out about this technology at Bamboo, we knew it would be a cornerstone of our business model. We are so happy to be partnered with Matterport and be working together to transform the remodeling industry. Although technology can be intimidating, and most people associate it with higher costs, we actually use this tool to reduce costs on your remodel project and to make your experience much easier.

We get a lot of questions about how this technology works, how we use it, and how it can help you. In this article, we will cover all of those questions, and also let you play with some interactive 3D models of homes so you can see how easy and intuitive this stuff really is!

What is Matterport?

Well, the easiest way to describe Matterport is to compare it to Google Street view except in your house. Instead of taking a van with 100 cameras strapped to it into your home, we take one, very specialized camera and place it in locations around your home. It takes 360 panoramic pictures, laser measurements and still photos to capture your entire space. We have specially trained professionals who come in and know how to use the camera to best capture every nook and cranny.

Matterport itself is a very technology-based company and is used in many different fields. Realtors are beginning to use these scans more often to show their clients new home options remotely; Photographers are using these cameras for a more immersive experience, and hotels to show their room options. Bamboo uses it for construction and design purposes, along with some other commercial contractors.

How does Bamboo use Matterport?

We offer each of our clients a free 3D scan to start their project. This would normally cost you about $200, but since it is such a vital aspect of making remodeling easier, we like to give our customers a head start.

Once our Matterport cameraman comes to your home and finishes getting all of the scans he needs (which usually just takes an hour) he will upload all of the information to the cloud, where the computer mathematically stitches together the photos to make a 3D dollhouse version of your home.

Once this is uploaded, someone from Bamboo sets up a time to do a video chat and walk through your house with you to see what all you want done! In this model you are able to walk around to see your entire house, you can go up and down the stairs to see different floors and move between rooms. We are also able to add tags in each area that you are planning on remodeling so that no details get left behind like with standard general contractors.

Using Matterport we can more accurately estimate your projects, understand your needs and communicate with designers about your project. We are able to cut down the amount of in-person appointments, as well as save you time and headaches. Our Pros use your matterport scan to see what they need to do on your project and in which place, they are able to more clearly understand what needs to be done this way.

What does a finished Matterport scan look like?



In these 3D dollhouse models, you can walk through a house that we renovated and see the transformation from before and after. Prepare to be amazed. You can see the tags, where the client specified what he needed to be done to each room. Make sure you walk through each room and explore a little! Don't be afraid to break it and touch everything. Try walking around, zooming, changing floors, and anything else. You can truly see how fun and incredible this technology is!

At Bamboo, we understand the importance of using technology to change and improve the remodeling industry. We partnered with Matterport to make sure we brought the most useful and interactive experience to our customers. VR is a breaking edge technology that can change the way we see our houses and the way we do remodeling. We hope to continue to use and integrate this technology into our processes to improve our clients and our Pros renovation experiences.

To get your free 3D scan, give us a call today at 512-542-9790, or sign up here!

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