The 5 Steps of the Interior Design Process

Johanna Macalalag

Johanna Macalalag

March 20, 2019

The remodeling industry can be very intimidating at times. We like to make everything easy for our customers, and therefore, thought it would be nice to explain how the process of working with an interior designer should go. With this information, you will know exactly what to expect when working with one as you being your next remodel project! We also have an article that explains the difference between an Interior designer, an Architect and a 3D artist, so you can make sure you hire the right professional for the job.

In any home or building, the foundation is the most important part. The interior design process acts as the foundation of any remodel project. It is important to know what is a priority for you and your space as you move forward. Skilled interior designers will make sure they understand what you want from your space functionally and visually before they continue with any ideas.

Find some inspiration! Whether you're remodeling your bathroom, your kitchen or even your basement it is important to think about how this space should serve you. I like to think about all of the things that I would want in an ideal world and write them down. Some examples of this are moods you want the room to feel like, preferred materials for walls and floors, and of course the general style of your home. Think about what kinds of patterns you like, color schemes and lines.

Choose photos that catch your eye and save them to Pinterest boards, Houzz boards or find other inspiration as well! Magazines or even stores like IKEA can offer fun inspiration. We have an Austin Showroom tour so you have an idea of where to go if you're curious about looking at materials! If this step is too overwhelming, simply have an idea of what you are expecting from your space that you could share with the designer you choose. Since its' their job, they should be able to transform any area, but having a set of specific guidelines for your needs and wants always helps!

Once you know what you want, you're ready to choose your designer! Interview and select someone who you think will mesh with your style and budget the best. A few things to consider here are hourly wages requested, goods provided for your money and also the general character of your designer. You'll be working with them a lot so, make sure you like them and that they fit with your style.

We have many design professionals ready to work on your projects; we have interviewed and quality checked each Pro on our platform for you to work with. You can find designers on our app and our website. These designers come to you at a lower rate than someone in the US but have equal talent, and the ability to work on your project remotely as well which helps with meeting times and scheduling.

Now, this is where the details come in, you should collaborate and plan out your project! The word "scope" in the construction industry is defined as the set of specific tasks that need to be done; basically, it's the to-do list for your project. This is where you will decide if walls need to be taken down, or sinks swapped. It is important to relay as much information to your designer here as possible. Your designer will ask you specific questions about your area like, "How many people will you need to seat?", "Where do you usually put your plates in your kitchen?", "What is the main use of this area for you?". After you've gone over all of these, your designer will have a better idea of how to create your new space!

Your designer will take measurements of your house and discuss exact design needs. We do things a little differently by sending out someone to your home to do a free 3D scan of the area you are remodeling. We use this scan to let anyone collaborate on your project from anywhere.

It is really important to be specific here and make sure that your ideas are being written down somewhere. In traditional remodeling, a lot of details get lost in this process. We like to make sure that each idea is logged by writing them down in our virtual model of your home.

Your designer will now take your ideas, your measurements, and your needs into consideration and create a new floor plan, furniture layout and material selection guide (based on your specific project & scope) to present to you in the next step!

After anywhere from 1-2 weeks, your interior designer should set up a meeting to go over your new design. At this point you should expect 2D layouts with elevations, a material proposal and depending on the designer, maybe even a 3D model of your space. If your designer doesn't offer that service, you can always hire a specific 3D artist to mock it up and help you visualize it as it will be in real life. Our projects use this technology as the cornerstone of the project, to help anyone, including yourself, understand how your newly remodeled area will look. The amount of detail designers can go into can make it seem like you are virtually walking through your new home.

Don't be afraid to take some time after your meeting to go over all of the information presented to you. Maybe lay out some tape on the floor of your home with the proposed layouts of cabinets or furniture so you can get a better feel for the sizes and shapes. Make sure everything is just as you want it here, its important to verify color swatches, material thicknesses and even paint sheens. Once you go over each detail and change anything necessary with your designer, you should be ready to move on to the next step!

Once you've gone over your design and all of the necessary changes have been made, your designer will put together the final plans for you so you can present them to your contractor. Depending on the scope of your project, you should have lighting, plumbing and framing layouts prepare for you. If you have a furniture project, your designer should have a layout ready for you as well, along with material swatches and order confirmations or proposals. Once you've settled on a start date, your designer will start ordering all of the materials for the project or give you or your contractor the resources to do so.

Now that you have completed the interior design phase, you're ready to build it out! There should be plenty of communication between your designer and your contractor to make sure that everything gets built out as planned.

At Bamboo, we use the latest technology to give our clients a luxury remodeling experience for a fraction of the expected cost. When you work with Bamboo Pro's, they're pre-vetted and questioned to make your hunt for an interior designer (or anything else) easy. Along with our complimentary 3D home scan, your designer will be able to work with you using modern tools to build out and design your home. You can link Pinterest boards, design inspiration and other ideas right from the comfort of your home, plus our built-in chat features let you contact your Pro's anytime.

Check out this video to see how our customer experience works

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