Video surveillance policy

Video surveillance policy

Bamboo’s video monitoring policy (“Video Monitoring Policy”) applies to all Users located anywhere in the world. The purpose of the Video Monitoring Policy is to notify the Customers and the Pros that Bamboo proposes to install security cameras in the Work Areas and at the entrances to the Work Areas, to explain why Bamboo proposes to install the security cameras, collection of Security Camera Footage by Bamboo, and Customer’s and Bamboo’s rights with respect to the Security Camera Footage.

  1. Purpose of Installing Security Cameras
  2. The security cameras are intended to track the time spent by a Pro on the Project, monitor the progress of the Project and allow the Construction Operations Team to monitor the people in the Work Areas and conduct after-the-fact investigation of any incidents occurring in the Work Areas.

  3. Designing and Installing Security Cameras
  4. 2.1 The security cameras will be installed in the Work Areas and at the entrances to the Work Areas and will collect Security Camera Footage of such areas. The security cameras may also capture some footage of the Premises outside of the Work Areas.

    2.2 Before installing security cameras, Bamboo will inform the Customer about the number and locations of the security cameras. Only when the Customer consents to the installation of the security cameras, will the security cameras be installed.

    2.3 While designing the video monitoring system and installing security cameras, the following will be considered:

    • given that the Work Areas may be in the open and Bamboo’s need to monitor Work Areas and the progress of the Project, the security cameras may operate on a 24X7 basis for the duration of the Project;

    • security cameras (including their casings or other equipment generally indicating the presence of a camera) is clearly visible;

    • the ability of authorized personnel to adjust security cameras shall be restricted so that authorized personnel cannot adjust or manipulate cameras to overlook spaces that are not intended to be covered by the video monitoring; and

    • recording services and equipment are located in a controlled access area. Only authorized personnel shall have access to the controlled access area and the recording services and equipment.

    2.4 Notice of Use of Security Cameras

    In order to provide notice to individuals that video monitoring is in use:

    • Bamboo shall clearly display signs at each entrance of the Work Areas notifying people that they are under video monitoring; and

    • the display signs shall also specify the contact details of someone who can provide answers about the collection of Security Camera Footage.

    2.5 Who may Monitor the Security Camera Footage

    Only authorized personnel shall be permitted to operate the security cameras and view the Security Camera Footage.

  5. Security Cameras

    1. 3.1 Types of Security Cameras
    2. Bamboo may use either recording mechanisms that record information directly on a hard- drive or recording mechanisms using a removable/portable storage device in its video systems. Bamboo may also record video to a storage system on the Internet. The Security Camera Footage so recorded will be retained for specified retention periods. To know more about the retention periods, you may contact Bamboo in writing at [email protected]

    3. 3.2 Labelling of Security Cameras & Security Camera Footage
    4. All security cameras shall be clearly labeled with a unique, sequential number or other verifiable symbol. All Security Camera Footage shall be clearly labeled as to the date and location of origin. In facilities with a DVR that store information directly on a hard-drive, the computer time, and date stamp shall be understood to be this identification.

    5. 3.3 Access to Video Records

      • Access: Access to the video monitoring records shall be restricted to authorized personnel, who may access the video monitoring records only for Bamboo’s legitimate business activities or functions or for any legitimate purpose related to the Pros or the Customers.

      • Storage: All video monitoring records will be stored securely in an access- controlled area.

      • Formal Access Requests Process for Customer: A Customer who intends to access Security Camera Footage or seeks deletion of a portion of Security Camera Footage related to his or her Project shall be required to email his or her request to [email protected] These requests shall be dealt as per section 4 .

      • Formal Access Requests Process for Law Enforcement: If access to Security Camera Footage is required for the purpose of a law enforcement investigation, the requesting law enforcement officer must email the request for Security Camera Footage, mentioning the date and time to which the Security Camera Footage relates, to [email protected] Bamboo will provide the law enforcement officer secure means to access the Security Camera Footage requested, subject to applicable laws.

      • Custody, Control, Retention and Disposal of Video Records/Recordings: Bamboo takes all reasonable efforts to ensure the security of Security Camera Footage in Bamboo’s control/custody and ensure their safe and secure disposal.

        Records and information collected from the video recording system may be retained and used by Bamboo in accordance with this Video Monitoring Policy. Further, information collected from the video recording system may be used by Bamboo or a law enforcement agency as part of a criminal, safety, or security investigation or for evidentiary purposes and will be retained for a minimum of 3 years from the conclusion of the matter for which it has been used.

      • Unauthorized Access and/or Disclosure:Any person who becomes aware of any unauthorized disclosure of Security Camera Footage in contravention of Video Monitoring Policy may contact Bamboo in writing at [email protected]

  6. Customer’s Rights
  7. 4.1 A Customer shall be entitled to access a portion of the Security Camera Footage relating to his or her Project. A Customer may request access to such video record by emailing Bamboo at [email protected] specifying the date and time for which the video record is requested. Bamboo shall within a reasonable time make available the video record to the Customer in accordance with applicable laws.

    4.2 A Customer shall also be entitled to request for deletion of a portion of Security Camera Footage relating to his or her Project if any inappropriate footage gets captured by the security cameras. A Customer may in such case request deletion of the video record by emailing Bamboo at [email protected] specifying the date and time of the relevant video record. Bamboo shall within a reasonable time delete the relevant video record in accordance with applicable laws. Bamboo reserves the right to retain Security Camera Footage if it is part of a criminal, safety, or security investigation.

  8. Use and Disclosure of Security Camera Footage

  9. The Security Camera Footage shall not be used or disclosed, unless the use or disclosure is:

    • for a legitimate purpose related to the Pros and/or Customers or Bamboo’s legitimate business activities or functions including for promotional purposes,

    • to a member or officer of a law enforcement agency for use in connection with the detection, investigation or prosecution of an offence,

    • for a purpose that is directly or indirectly related to the taking of civil or criminal proceedings, or

    • reasonably believed to be necessary to avert an imminent threat of serious violence to persons or of substantial damage to property.

  10. Marketing Usage
  11. Bamboo may wish to use select video clips (at real speed or time lapse) from the Security Camera Footage for marketing purposes, and it reserves the right to do this, subject to the following conditions:

    • Bamboo must obtain prior written approval from the Customer before using any Security Camera Footage featuring such Customer for marketing purposes. However, for avoidance of doubt, no such approval shall be required from the Customer or the Pros for using any Security Camera Footage featuring only the Pros in the Work Areas.

    • Bamboo shall verify that all Security Camera Footage to be used for marketing purposes does not include content that would be deemed inappropriate by an independent third party.

  12. Contact Bamboo
  13. If you have any questions about this Video Monitoring Policy, please contact Bamboo at [email protected]

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