Safety Suggestions For Customer

Safety Suggestions For Customer

  • Ensure Work Areas are off-limit for kids and pets at all times.

  • Visit the Work Areas only in presence of a Pro. Do not attempt to do any work yourself unless you have discussed the work with us.

  • Stay away from any tools, power cords, Materials, equipment, packing material and construction materials present in the Work Areas.

  • Look in the direction you are moving at all times. Do not attempt to walk backwards.

  • Do not walk into a work area that is not properly lit. If so instructed by the Construction Operations Team, wear comfortable clothes, heavy-duty footwear, and protective head gear when visiting a Work Area.

  • Follow safety instructions that are given to you by the Bamboo Construction Operations Team.

  • If so instructed by the Construction Operations Team, do not close any windows or adjust thermostats in the Work Areas.

  • Do not move any material in the Work Areas.

  • Stay at least 5 feet away from any excavation.

  • Stay as far away as possible from a delivery vehicle, crane, or other construction vehicle. Assume the driver cannot see or hear you.

  • Do not attempt to access a part of the Work Areas which does not have stairs or railings.

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