Exclusions of Bamboo Warranty policy

Exclusions of Bamboo Warranty policy

The Bamboo Limited Warranty will not cover the losses and damages to the Work Areas which, in our reasonable opinion, have arisen due to any of the following reasons:

  • any work that the Customer requires us to undertake at the Work Areas against our advice;

  • caused by Ordinary Wear and Tear (i.e., deterioration in condition of Premises that occurs under normal use and conditions) or misuse of the Work Areas;

  • caused by Material supplied by or work undertaken by a Third Party Contractor or its employees, subcontractors or agents;

  • due to the land or underlying subsurface conditions;

  • directly or indirectly caused by insects, termites, rodents, fungus, or animals, domestic or wild;

  • arising directly or indirectly, whether as a consequence of a single act, or intermittent or continuous action of flood, waves, surface water, tidal waves or overflow of water from storage tanks, sewage overflows or water that backs up from sewers or drains, underground water sources such as springs or aquifers, changes in water table, leakage in or seepage of water through water pipelines, swimming pools or any other source of water above, on or below the ground, irrespective of whether the loss or damage was reasonably foreseeable;

  • resulting from Customer’s failure to undertake routine maintenance of the Work Areas;

  • from use of Work Areas for purpose not originally intended;

  • arising or resulting from acts or omissions by Customer, its agents, employees or invitees;

  • Force Majeure Events, presence or a result of unacceptable levels of any carcinogenic substances, pollutants, and/or contaminants in the Work Areas;

  • to the extent Customer failed to minimize or prevent such loss or damage;

  • negligence in maintenance of Work Areas or its systems by Customer or a Third Party Contractor;

  • negligence in operation of Work Areas or its systems;

  • failure to maintain proper ventilation of the Work Areas resulting in build-up of heat, dampness or condensation; or

  • other issues that could not have been reasonably seen or determined by an independent party before the Project was completed; or

  • modifications to the Work Areas made after the commencement of the Warranty Period.

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