The Best Shower for Your Next Remodel

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June 13, 2020

The world of remodeling has come so far, and with that has come so many different options when it comes to materials, layouts and styles! If you’re about to start a bathroom remodel in Austin you might be asking yourself a lot of questions about what is best for your particular space. In this article we will go over some inspiring bathroom makeover ideas specifically including showers and the options you have when it comes to designing and choosing yours!

In most modern bathroom designs, showers are included over having a bathtub in the room, but when there is space, then both can be included. Although a bathtub/shower combo still exists, big showers with benches and powerful (or multiple) shower heads are preferred. Learn about everything you can do to create a magical shower experience.  


Prefab or Prefabricated Showers

These are a budget friendly and simpler option for those who are wanting a more simple remodel. These are pieces made of plastic, gelcoat fiberglass and acrylic and mass produced at a factory. They come in several shapes and styles but generally go as follows:


Curved/Corner Enclosure

Neo Angle

Tub Shower Combo

Custom Showers

These are a more labor intensive option but can be very worth it depending on the case. If you have a large bathroom, having a custom built shower can give you a much wider variety of options for size and shape. These showers are made by framing out the are you would like as a shower, adding specialized waterproof drywall called backerboard! A custom shower is an excellent bathroom remodel design idea because you have the freedom to add benches, shelfs and niches to your new shower and truly make it using your own vision and creativity.


Manual Water Mixer

This is an option you have for figuring out what type of water mixer you need, a manual mixer is the standard option and the one you are most likely used to. This option lets you choose how much cold and hot water should mix to create the perfect temperature for you!

Thermostatic Mixer  

A Thermostatic Mixer is controlled by a computer and lets you choose an exact degree you want your shower to be! This option is a little more speedy but can be worth it for kids, elders and realistically anyone. The convenience of not having the water temperature fluctuate while you shower might not have a price on it.

Shower Heads

Shower heads come in all shapes and sizes and each have benefits and uses. Most showers only have 1 shower head, but more and more we are seeing showers with multiple faucets to create a more luxurious experience.


A standard shower head is mounted to the wall and comes standard in most houses, this option would have one on and off valve and is pretty straight forward. There are still many options on color finish, width and water pressure here as well, so don't feel like it’s a compromise to stick with the norm!  

Handheld or Handheld on a Slider Rail

This is becoming one of the more popular options to install. A handheld gives you extra options in the shower and can be nice to get all of the nooks and crannies. We’ve also found them to be super handy for giving the dogs a wash! The slider rail doesn’t make a huge difference except for being able to adjust the height of the faucet when it is stationary. This can be handy for kids or basketball players.


Rainfall showers can be used alone or in combination with a handheld shower head. The biggest difference here is that the showered comes out of the ceiling or at a much higher height than a standard fixed head. They have a much wider head as well allowing for more water to fall overhead.

Shower Tower

Shower towers are also rising in popularity. These plumbing fixtures are versatile and come with some cool features like spray jets, a rainfall water head and a handheld sprayer! The best part about these is that you don't have to pay a ton extra for diverters and extra plumbing hours, all of those parts come built into the system already.  

Combination Shower

This option is exactly what it sounds like, the shower here has a rainfall head, a handheld and a bathtub faucet as well. These types of setups look clean and professional but might cost you extra in the plumbing labor department to add extra valves, pipes and diverters to make sure each of them get the right amount of pressure and that they don’t all go on at once either.  

Other Shower Features


A bench is a fabulous idea in almost any shower, not only does it create a great place to sit if you need to but it is also a great place to put all of your shower accessories so they’re easy to reach. Benches are good for kids, dogs and the elderly as well.

Steam Generator  

This is a fun option in any shower but can be spendy too. A steam generator makes for a sauna like shower experience but also involves adding full panel glass to keep the steam in, as well as extra plumbing.  

LED Lighting

This is purely for fun and adds some extra flare to otherwise boring shower heads. LED lights can provide extra lighting for you if your shower is tucked away in a dark corner and also make you feel like you're showering in a spaceship.    


A niche is one of the coolest modern inventions for a bathroom remodel and doesn’t only have to be used in a shower. A niche is like a pocket inside of the wall, some come with prebuilt size options, or you can ask your contractor to custom build you a niche in any size! Think about the dimensions of your shampoo bottles, soaps and other shower accessories when building these in your perfect bathroom makeover!  

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