Remodeling Your Kitchen? Try One of These Layouts

Isabella Feliciano

February 2, 2020

    Kitchens have been the heart of the American home for a long time. More and more we see homes being opened up to have an open concept feel and add air and natural light to people’s homes. The best kitchen remodeling in Austin, TX is done with that in mind. If you are embarking on the grand journey of a kitchen remodel to add equity and value to your home, it’s best to do it right, the first time!  

Here we will go over a variety of kitchen remodel layouts that are an option for you, depending on the layout of your current home and the goals you have for your kitchen. We like to have our clients think about things like seating, kitchen use, entertaining, existing space and appliances and storage as the main components to help them decide which layout is ideal for them.

Since we do some of the best kitchen remodeling in Austin, we like to make sure our clients are informed and make the best choices possible for them and their homes!

Single Wall  

A single wall kitchen is ideal in small spaces like an apartment or single bedroom home where the living room might be close by. The problem that arises with this style of kitchen is that there is little room for storage and countertop working space. If this is the best option for your kitchen remodel, consider buying a moveable island like any of these from

Double Galley

The double galley kitchen is usually a standard in smaller homes. This kitchen is functional for the work triangle but doesn’t give an open feeling. There is usually sufficient working space but users might want more storage space. This is an option if you are unable to tear down walls to open up your existing space.  


L-Shaped kitchens are great for apartments too and really make room for working and providing an open atmosphere. The working triangle in these types of remodeled kitchens are great but most people opt for adding an island in this type of kitchen. You have the same option here of adding a mobile island and moving it out of the way when it’s not needed.  

U Shape

This is a super popular option for kitchens than can also be stretched and have an island added. This option works great if you have windows on the sink wall as well so you can look out while you do dishes. This kitchen remodel can also feature the range and range hood, sometimes with different tiles to really make it pop. As with all of these layouts, they can always be modified to suit your specific needs and dreams!


A variation of the U Shaped kitchen that includes seating for guests and that can also include penninsula upper cabinets for extra storage when needed. This option is awesome if you want a small breakfast bar style seating in your kitchen or want some extra counter space to work with! The added penninsula also gives you another corner for a lazy susan and 3 extra cabinets for storage!


This is by far the most popular type of kitchen remodel that we do. Kitchen layouts with islands not only offer extra storage and working space, but they also allow for extra seating and maintain an open feeling. Islands can be up to 10' long, or even longer depending on the material you choose for your countertop and if you’re okay with a seam or not! There are now ways to have an in-drawer microwave as well that goes super well in an island.    

Of course we are willing and ready to customize any of these layouts as well to suit you and your specific kitchen remodel needs. We know the houses in Austin and can help you find the best materials for trends and to increase the value of your home. We love making beautiful and functional kitchens work for our clients. You can even work with one of our talented interior designers to get a custom 3D rendered design of what your kitchen could look like for as low as $200.

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