Houzz Top Ten Remodeling Styles in Austin, Texas

Yana San Juan

November 26, 2021

Thinking about remodeling your home and giving it a fresh new look? There are lots of styles you can use- from the classic traditional style to modern and eclectic design styles. Of course, there’s a lot to consider when choosing a design style for your home and one of the most important factors is the city where you live in. To help you get an idea of what your remodel will be, we’re listing down the top ten design styles that are now popular specifically in Austin, according to houzz.com.

1. Contemporary Style

Out of the 439,459 projects in Austin, 72, 420 of them are in contemporary style. Contemporary style is based on what’s trending right now. It doesn’t adhere to one specific style and is always changing. It borrowed ideas from modernism and post modernism, and has influences of minimalism as well. Currently, most projects in Austin are using this design style because it is simple and sleek. It is functional and can create a harmony in your home because you can customize your place based on your own personality. If you want something and versatile, then the contemporary design is perfect for you!

2. Traditional Style

Of course, you can’t beat the classic! And the numbers don’t lie. 65, 513 of the projects in Austin are in the traditional style. It’s still one of the essentials of any community here in Austin. It is inspired by the 18th and 19th century, incorporating classic art, antiques and pieces in history. The traditional style aims for consistency and order. The furniture needs to match, there should be symmetry, and everything goes well with each other. With the traditional style’s regal and grand elements, you will surely feel like a royalty.

3. Transitional Design

If you want a modern feel in your home but also want traditional elements, then you might want to consider the transitional design. 48,676 of the remodels are in this style, simply because it’s like having the best of both worlds! It’s a smooth transition between the two styles and balance is achieved by layering glass and metals with natural materials. Transitional design is focused on comfort and sophistication. There’s a minimalist element but your personality is still incorporated. It’s definitely a timeless look- a bridge between the past and the present.

4. Modern Design

Of course, the modern design will be in this list with 39,910 of projects in this style. While contemporary is fluid, the modern design focused on simple form and function. It derived inspiration from German and Scandinavian design, with clean lines and minimal décor. The main color palette is white, beiges and some shades of black. This design uses few walls so the furniture must provide the visual distinction between the rooms. With modern design, everything in your home has a purpose.

5. Mediterranean Style

If you want to channel a warm and relaxed home that never goes out of style, you can always go with Mediterranean style. This is very popular in places with warm climates like Austin. No wonder, 23,101 had opted to use this design. It’s a mixture of Spanish and Italian architecture that focuses on indoor-outdoor living. Colors are used as accents, with palettes that reflect the natural environment. Hospitality and family are the center of this theme. Multiple seating options, a large dining room and mosaic style tyles are usually seen in homes with Mediterranean style. It’s airy, breezy and perfect for people who likes to maximize natural light and views of outdoors.

6. Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style is cozy, full of character and charm and of course, practical- that’s why 18,324 of remodels are completed in this style. It’s famous now in Austin for its combination of rustic and vintage vibes. The best part is you can find most of your furniture in a thrift shop or a flea market. You can use your old things to decorate your home. The key is finding meaningful pieces rather than focusing on buying new things and incorporating modern touches in your home. It’s simple, traditional and truly captures that country-home feels.

7. Rustic Style

When you hear rustic, your mind may instantly jump to log cabins but this style is much more than that- and 14,873 of the remodels in this style prove that. It emphasizes natural materials and neutral colors to get that calming and traditional vibe. If in farmhouse style, you can still incorporate modern features, it’s a no-no here in rustic. You need to keep up with the all-natural theme so your furniture should be hand-made. Greens, browns and grays are the dominant colors. You need to get that roughened look in your place so you can use reclaimed wood and driftwood. If you want your home to look approachable and relaxed, and not stuffy and a bit pretentious, then this style could work for you.

8. Craftsman Style

An integral part of the American aesthetic with 11,159 projects in Austin, the craftsman style still remains popular even after its initial acclaim over 100 years ago. This style emphasizes horizontal lines, with low-pitched gabled roofs that extends past over the home’s exteriors walls. It’s popular in Austin because the roofs are better suited for the warmer climates. Distinct cozy rooms, tapered columns and front porch are essential in this design. You also need to get that partially paned door and multiplane windows to complete the look. Get that distinct American style and enjoy this attractive and inexpensive design.

9. Eclectic Style

Fun, funky, full of personality and visual interest, the eclectic style is gaining popularity with homeowners who want a little bit of everything. 10746 projects and counting, this design doesn’t really have any requirements and is characterized by its unpredictability and variety. You can see mixed patterns but it’s still intentional. It’s putting random things that go well with each other. This style also works if you love traveling. Global influence is one its defining elements. Getting décor from the places you went to will fit perfectly to your home. Display your favorite things, go wild with the colors, mix up your art- it’s all up to you!

10. Midcentury Modern Style

Midcentury modern style is mainly sleek, clean and minimal but it’s big on colors. You have a wide range of palettes you can use- from smoky blues, deep yellows, muted orange tones and olive green. Windows are larger and geometric- a mix of soft curves and sharp lines. It’s famous everywhere and now with 5499 projects in Austin! You can go all out or just drop hints of this style and your home will still look fresh and bold.

There are more design styles to choose from and it’s always up to you! Ultimately, your home should always be a place where you are comfortable, happy and a place for you and your loved ones. Let us help you visualize your next dream project at a lower cost. Get a free 3d scan and consultation with us and let’s start your journey with Bamboo.



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