Six ways to keep your home clean during a remodel

Laura Hernandez

Laura Hernandez

February 15, 2019

The words "remodel" or "construction" and "clean" are basically antonyms. Unfortunately, the sad reality of construction is the fact that it can be quite messy and hard to get the dust under control during a renovation. The good news is, there are several things you can do before, during and after your remodel to mitigate the dust and debris that will be in and around your project. Here are 6 tips and tricks to not only prevent dust, but to also learn some cleaning hacks and have the cleanest remodel possible.

1. Prepare your space

The best thing you can do for your home is to take the right amount of time and, prepare. I can't emphasize this enough. It is your job, as the homeowner, to have your home and space ready on demo day. Depending on the size of your remodel this step can vary in time. If you're only doing a small bathroom, it is not super hard to pack everything up. If you are planning on renovating your living room or kitchen this might take a little longer but is still a crucial step. The best thing you can do is get tubs or bins that can be sealed and take them completely out of the house or put them in a safe storage place. The more things you can pack up and get out, the fewer things you'll have to clean afterward.

2. Cover up what you can't take out!

Sometimes it is impossible to take everything out of your home, or a specific space. Maybe your master bathroom is being remodeled, but it seems very labor intensive to move your entire bed and bed frame out. This isn't a problem, in this case, it is probably best to just cover it up! There are a few options, but the best would be a thin plastic sheeting or a drop cloth that can be taped in around and on top of large pieces of hard to move furniture.

3. Seal off the area you're remodeling in

Zipper Doors like the ones from Zipwall, here can make life so much easier. They provide a barrier between the workspace and the rest of your house. Although not 100% dustproof, they provide a perfect way for people to enter and exit the construction zone without letting too much debris and dust out into the rest of your home. Definitely make sure you talk to your contractor about installing these and other cleanliness measures, before work starts.

4. Make a "clean" walking path for contractors

This could look like a few different things, but the important part is that your floors are covered. I would suggest sticky plastic sheeting for carpets, and something more durable like construction paper or floor protection mats for hardwood and other surfaces. Taking this precaution ensures that contractors will not bring in mud and other residues to stain your carpets or damage your floor with paints and other materials. Make sure that contractors know which entrances they are allowed to use in your home so you can make clear paths for them.

5. Make sure you talk to your contractor about daily cleanups and preferred workspaces

Make sure you and your contractor are on the same page about what is expected at the end of each working day. Some contractors are used to being able to simply pack up and go, but if you're living in this space, it is important that everyone cleans up at the end of the day, especially if you have kids! Make sure you ask your contractor to put all of his/her tools away, along with making sure they know where "designated working areas" are. It's always possible to ask for all work to be done in the garage or another closed off space. You can also take extra measures and try to vacuum everyday, or as often as you can. This helps mitigate a lot of dust build up that can surprise you at the end of a remodel if it is not kept up with.

6. Air out your home whenever possible.

Finally, our last cleaning hack, depending on the season, and where your house is. Make sure you're opening windows and doors to air out your space whenever you can. The fresh air flow lets dust and other debris escape your home instead of getting built up and spreading throughout your home. It can also help with construction smells and other air pollution in your home. If you cannot open windows, try getting a small air purifier that you can turn on anytime that construction is not in progress.

By doing all of the tips and tricks above, you should be able to keep your home fairly clean during the process of your remodel. It is always recommended to do a thorough post-construction cleaning as well, but these tactics should help you not only keep peace of mind during your project but also help you have a more seamless transition back out of it. At Bamboo, we are happy to help you find Pro's that are willing to work with you and your needs during your project, and even people to help you clean up after!

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