Remodeling the Remodel Industry

Laura Hernandez

Laura Hernandez

July 12, 2019

Bamboo was born from necessity like most good companies are. Our CEO saw an urgent need in the construction industry and we have been working hard since to fulfill it. Have you ever been afraid to do a remodel because you have heard the stories of your friends' contractor leaving halfway through the project, charging crazy amounts of money for change orders, charging too much on materials or taking far too long to get the job done? Have you heard about the large amounts of disorganization and miscommunication that happen because these companies are run by single men and their crews? We know, understand and have experienced all of these nightmare-ish things in the industry and now, we're changing how things are done.

As we have grown, our focus has really concentrated on re-imagining the remodeling experience for our customers with better use of technology and more process oversight. We want to be better, lower cost, safer and more flexible - the ideal service our CEO wished existed when he struggled through remodeling his own house. We work each day to deliver on this goal.

We want you to enjoy your remodel, here are just a few ways that we are changing the industry from the norm.


Bidding is complicated in the real world of remodeling. It typically involves meeting each subcontractor (plumbing, electrician, painter, etc) at your house so they can look around and decide how much they want to charge you. All of these numbers are more or less arbitrary depending on what happens when they actually start work, it also can be complicated organizing their schedules and getting them to show up on time.

There are several things we have done to improve this process. When you start a project with Bamboo, you will get a complimentary 3D scan of your space. This lets us virtually walk through your home to decide each item you would like done, leaving a traceable path and keeping us accountable for each item. The other advantage is that you don't have to organize your schedule around 4 or 5 appointments for each subcontractor to bid out your project individually. We can refer back to your scan that has measurements, specifics and your scope of work on it.

We also provide our customers with a complete cost guide provided with a breakdown of each item, materials, and labor. We want to make sure you understand where your money is going and why. Our bids are detailed and accurate using industry standard pricing and letting you choose the grade of materials you plan on using.


Interior Design is one of the most important parts of a remodel. Sometimes people just let their general contractors pick, which is risky business. The other option is paying (maybe too much) to work with a skilled local designer who may or may not work well with the contractor you choose. Most interior designers charge a material markup on any and every material they pick and source for you, for them it makes sense and its how they get paid, but with Bamboo it's different.

We understand that you can find all of the materials we can find, and maybe for cheaper! We want you to be able to work with incredible interior designers from all over the world who are using advanced 3D software to design, for less. They can help you imagine and create the space you've been dreaming about, and not have to worry about wondering what it will look like. With our designers, you will be able to see your space in an array of different design outputs, you can read about them here.


In standard general contracting, materials can be a cause for many delays, mismatched stains, and lots of headaches. Making sure that the right materials are where they need to be and when seems like something that has eluded the contractors of the world for a long time now. Materials usually arrive late, sometimes broken and reorders cause price hikes and weeks to go by with your project on a standstill. The other thing wrong with materials in the standard world of general contracting is that contractors will charge you an industry mark-up on all of your materials, which means you will be paying at least 20-30% more than you might need to.

With Bamboo, all materials will be on-site before construction beings & you get our discounts too! We have an entire team dedicated to ordering, organizing and managing your materials to make sure they are on-site, on-time and in one piece. We also realize that you can find all of the materials we can, so we are not interested in charging you markups, but rather pass down our contractor discount, directly to you!


Now, this is where things get even trickier. Construction can really be done by anyone, which means quality is anything but guaranteed. Often, details from your original scope get over-looked or left-behind in the chaos of putting your home back together. We have seen tile be installed in the wrong bathroom, lights hung at the wrong length, microwaves be installed in the wrong place, you name it, it's happened. In standard general contracting, change orders will also cost you a significantly higher price than necessary because it is a "change" which can cause more confusion or longer project times.

With Bamboo, we take the organization, project management, details, and quality very seriously. We have so many important measures in place to double and triple check that your project is being done to the best industry standard, that things are being installed in the correct places and that your project is completed in a timely manner. We screen, interview and background check all of our Pros so we can guarantee their work. We also don't believe in charging our clients crazy amounts for their change orders, we just charge by the hour, like normal, and continue the project until it's finished!

Project Management

Generally, project managers are either overloaded or have a hard time managing the details of a few too many projects at a time. Project management determines the success of your remodel, it's speed, efficiency and organization. Good project management is hard to come across generally. Sometimes you will have someone to contact, who will probably be busy burning out other fires and “will get back to you”, and sometimes you can only relay messages through the workers onsite.

With Bamboo, you are assigned a project manager who will check in daily for progress updates. Your project manager will have an entire database of continuously updated information about you and your project. They will be your go-to person, along with an entire team off-shore 24/7. We are dedicated to the timely, well-organized and simple success of your renovation project.

Give us a call today so we can show you how we are changing the way the world does remodeling.

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“Working with Bamboo App on our remodel project has been a breathe of fresh air. The use of technology to facilitate the project moving forward while also giving the homeowner oversight into the scope of work, timeline and budget is a true revelation for the industry.

Mike M.

August 18, 2018

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