Realtors in Austin Give Advice on Adding Resale Value

Rachel Strong

Rachel Strong

October 18, 2019

Are you nervous about selling your home? Do you lay awake and wonder what things you should fix in your home and then cringe at how much it all might cost? If you are considering selling your home, there are a few things you should know first, and a few things you should quit worrying about too!

We interviewed some of Austins' top realtors to get some better insights on what is important to consider when remodeling, refreshing, or preparing to sell your home. We have an article on how to maximize your ROI (return on investment) when you remodel. We wanted to ask some other professionals in Austin too, to get some better insight on trends buyer preferences and other important questions so you don't have to lose any more sleep at night.

What are styles or things you see trending in the real estate/housing industry?

Each of the realtors we interviewed agreed that an open concept floor plan was a huge trend, along with white cabinetry, and white in general. This gives homes a nice clean and updated feeling. It also lets buyers imagine themselves in the space a little more easily. The "Farmhouse" look with wood floors or luxury vinyl planking are also commonly seen and preferred in homes around Austin. One of our top realtors, Jacqueline Roland (@jacqueline_realestate) said, "Other styles trending are open floor plans, hardwood flooring, a contemporary/modern look, and high ceilings. These can open the space and make your home appear larger."

What makes a house more re-sellable?

This is what most homeowners are concerned about, what things in a home will make buyers want to buy it more? What is worth investing your money in? The good news here is that most of our realtors focused on details that are completely within your control, and actually include little remodeling. Lauren Tindal, @laurentindal_austinrealtor said that if you have a master bedroom on the main floor this could appeal to buyers, but also things like professional staging and photography, fresh light paint and decluttering/packing your home will help the most. Lauren wrote, "(Staging) is a great investment and there are many stats that show homes that are staged sell faster and for more money!"

Where in your home is the best place to "invest in" or update?

So if you are in a rush, and can't afford a remodel, you can refer to the point above. For those of you who are looking to invest some into your home, we asked where the best places were to invest. It was almost a unanimous, "KITCHEN!". Families spend a lot of their time in this central part of the home from dinners to homework time and crafts, it's important to have an updated and open-feeling kitchen. You can expect that if your home hasn't been updated for 10 years, that your kitchen is out of date and should be refreshed at the very least before you try to resell. Refreshing your kitchen can include painting your cabinets and getting new countertops, or you can opt for the entire remodel, including new appliances and cabinets. You can also read our article on getting the best ROI for your home.

What are the features worth investing in? Specifically for Austin?

Since Austin is such a diverse mix of neighborhoods and areas, it can really depend on where you are living what specific features might give your house that extra edge. Realtors are always able to look at houses similar to yours in the area so you can compare and contrast differences and find the best price point and selling points for your home! A few features that Lauren Tindal mentioned were quality flooring, good countertops (quartz is trending), and a nice covered outdoor entertaining area for hot summer months.

What materials do buyers prefer? Flooring, Countertops, Windows, Tile, Appliances, etc.

So if you are planning on remodeling, you might be curious about the best types of materials will attract the most buyers? It's important to know where you can save money, and where trying to save money could cost you in the long run. Kristee Leonard, @kristeeleonard told us that flooring is important, lighter wood looks are really in. She also mentioned tile, and specifically wood look tile. We have seen this look really great in bathrooms especially. Kristee advised either quartz or granite countertops and to make sure where you can you have stainless steel appliances and as big of windows as possible!

We want to thank all of our top realtors for taking the time to answer these questions for us. We hope they were insightful for you. If you have questions about starting your next remodel, you know where to find us. We offer free consultations to each of our first-time clients so you can get your project started.

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Jacqueline Roland, @jacqueline_realestate ,

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