Our Portfolio

We do amazing remodels by having the right processes and technology as well as the best Pros working in our teams.

Our Portfolio

We do amazing remodels by having the right processes and technology as well as the best Pros working in our teams.

Visualize your space before it gets remodel

Customer testimonials

Working with Bamboo App on our remodel project has been a breathe of fresh air. The use of technology to facilitate the project moving forward while also giving the homeowner oversight into the scope of work, timeline and budget is a true revelation for the industry.

Amanda P.

The design phase went really well. Sanja did a great job with the interior design.

John H.

Working with them was great and easy! We remodeled the whole living room, kitchen and master bathroom at a much lower price than other contractors. We are very happy with the result!

Marina M.

Had a great experience with Bamboo, really detail oriented folks, answered all my queries with patience and real value for money. Highly recommend them to turn your dream project into reality.

Tarun S.

We were struggling to visualize our space how it looks like after remodeling but this 3D technology from Bamboo App really helped us to visualize exactly how it looks like after remodel. That’s a big strike for us.

Ashok D.

With Bamboo we were able to get a virtualization and flexibly talk about one room and design the room and then move on to the next room and if we wanted to stop there we could stop there. If we wanted to continue we could continue. This is a really nice comfort where you can sort of get your feet wet without having to jump entirely into the whole pool. We really liked that.

Mike M.

We were able to compare with other pricing and it seemed very affordable which we liked. We don’t want people to come to the house and judge it by the size and the place. We definitely wanted good quality as well as, you know, best pricing.

Sovattey M
demo Mediterranean hood cover with travertine backsplash

Johanna has been so wonderful, reaching out to me, making suggestions and helping guide me through this overwhelming process.

Roslynn S.
compact kitchen with bar stools

Created a very nice detailed 3d model of my house as well as providing interior design changes I requested.

Asad M.

Hello, I have worked with Johanna and have found her to be a very supportive and helpful person. Wishing Bamboo App all the best.

Daniyal M.

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