We have reimagined the remodeling process to take advantage of technology and reduce costs for you. We assure quality in our work and you pay as you go.

Process overview

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FREE Getting Started

Get in touch, we'll come out to your property do do a free 3D scan.

A. FREE 3D Scan

We have a special camera that takes 3D captures and the measurements of your space.

B. FREE Consultation

We do a video call and tag your scope of your place.

C. FREE Estimate

Our construction ops team creates a cost estimate for your project.


Work with us to visualize your project, just like on the HGTV shows, starting at $200.

A. Select Designer

Pick out an interior designer and/or 3D artist from our bench of freelancers.

B. Collaborate

Decide on your style, colors and finishes with support and advice from your team.

C. Visualize

Bask in the beauty of what your space can look like once the project is complete.


Get a detailed plan of what it will take to make your vision into a reality, again for several hundred dollars.

A. Financial Analysis

We provide detailed, line item financial Analysis of labor and material costs for your project.

B. Schedule

We show the tasks, dependencies and timelines in a schedule for your approval.

C. Select PM

You select a local project manager from our bench, and discuss the plan with him or her.


Hit the start button on building out your vision into reality, evolve the plan as you wish with no penalty.

A. Approve Trades

You get to review and approve every trade before they enter your property.

B. Project Ongoing

Our construction team manages and reviews progress on a daily basis.

C. Scope Changes

Changes?  Pay the extra hours at the rates you agreed, not fixed fee change orders.


We make sure you are happy, you get to review your team.

A. Sign Off

We check together that the work has been done right, you sign off the project.

B. Reviews

Every Pro on the team gets reviews, just like reviewing every driver with Uber.

C. Warranty

We warranty the work, to give you peace of mind.