5 Ways to Save Money on Materials

Laura Hernandez

Laura Hernandez

December 28, 2018

Remodels have a way of sneaking up on you when it comes to budget. Materials can quickly add up during remodels, especially for kitchens. However, if you’re thrifty you might save yourself quite a bit of money on them. Here are five tips from the insiders for safeguarding some of your pennies:

1. Mark-ups

Many general contractors mark-up materials by 20% to 30%, and sometimes they will even keep kickbacks and discounts from vendors. If you mandate that you will buy the materials, you can save money. At Bamboo, we don’t mark-up materials, and we actually use our contractor discounts to get price breaks of 15% to 50%, which we then pass through to our customers. We are very transparent about how we make our money. We do not mark-up labor from professional subcontractors who you could have called yourself, we’ll just help you oversee and manage their work instead.

2. Discount Coupons

This is a great thing to do if you have some spare time to shop around yourself. Weekly ads have coupons for big retailers like Home Depot and Lowes. Some people opt to buy materials online as well through sites like e-Bay or amazon. .Yes, there are e-Bay sellers who collect these things and then sell them on to contractors and home owners, sometimes for cheaper than retail. This method works great for things like tile or lighter materials that you're able to handle yourself.

3. Sales

Stores have them. We have seen tile and other items marked down by 50% if you are willing to be flexible and creative on what you’re looking for. If you have a creative eye, you might be able to spot some materials that would go well together in different applications if there's not enough of one to do your entire project. Our interior designers are happy to help you brainstorm ideas as well as work with ideas and inspirations you've found on Pinterest and the like.

4. Shop Around

Don’t assume that online is always lower cost – Home Depot and Lowes are often very competitive on pricing, depending on the item.
At Bamboo, we are planning on doing a shopping basket price analysis in the future to compare some of the top home improvement retailers.

5. B Stocks

This is a clever way to save money on appliances. B stock items have usually been opened and returned to the store. These items aren't necessarily broken, but might have small defects or simply weren't what the other customer wanted. Regardless, its always smart to ask to look at a stores B stock items.
In one kitchen remodel, we managed to source an entire Thermador package (dishwasher, double oven, microwave, gas cooktop – all new and wrapped) for an astonishing $3000 or so. It was the bargain of the century.

Hunt around to get the prices, or work with us and we’ll do it for you. We can sometimes save our customers more on the project materials than our own entire margin on the project. One more reason that we are a trusted advisor to our customers.

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