Don’t Forget About These 3 Countertop Costs

Rachel Strong

Rachel Strong

March 1, 2019

Buying a countertop is one thing our customers find most daunting about the kitchen remodel process. We understand, it really is a big task that has a lot of options and details involved. We want to make sure you have all your bases covered and understand all of your options as well.

We put together a (Countertop Guide) that you can reference. In addition, we thought it was important to note the following extra costs that aren't normally included in the cost of your slab and installation but might be things you'd like to add or consider.


Cost: $5-$20 per linear foot.
With natural stone and laminates or even wood, you must choose an edging style. This is the exposed part in the front of your countertop and can add a lot of character in your kitchen or bathroom if used properly.

Types of Countertop Edges

  • Eased – A square, 90-degree edge that is sanded to achieve a softer look.
  • Bevel – This edge features a slight, 45-degree angle edge, which adds visual intrigue to the countertops.
  • Double Bevel – A double bevel has two beveled edges: one at the countertop’s surface and the other at its underside.
  • Quarter Bevel – A simple flat bevel off the edge of the top.
  • Quarter Round – Very similar to the bullnose, this edge has a subtle curved radius on the top.
  • Ogee – Featuring a stunning concave radius, the ogee edge offers an air of classic luxury that pairs well with granite or quartz countertops.
  • Cove – The elegant brother of the Ogee; it has a soft indent on the top edge of the counter.
  • Triple Pencil – This stylish edge features a trio of descending waves that typically each have a 6mm radius.
  • Dupont – A short 90-degree angle extends down into a rounded edge for a profile that is a bold variation of the Ogee edge.
  • Pencil Edge – The middleman between Eased and Quarter Round, as round as a pencil.
  • Bullnose and Half Bullnose – These curved edges are a kitchen classic, whether you choose a full bullnose, with the edge fully rounded, or the half bullnose, with a curve that is a little less dramatic.


Cost: $10-$60 per sq ft.
Backsplashes are a necessary touch to finish your countertops correctly. They provide protection from grease and splashes from the cooking areas and bring the space together. A backslash can really enhance the look and feel of your new kitchen, and it is important that you choose one that compliments the countertop you choose. You have a few options here:


  • Decorative "mesh style" tile. This includes any smaller pieces of tile that are glued onto a mesh backing for easier installation. These smaller tiles are endless in the number of choices you have in color, style, and shape. You will see terms like linear, 1x1, penny round or hex. To learn more about this, read our Tile Guide.
  • Larger square or brick pattern tile splash.

Stone Splash

Whether it is in quartz or granite, you can bring your countertop up your wall into a backsplash piece.
The general rule is 4" but if you prefer, you could do 6" or even the entire space from your counter to the bottom of your upper cabinets.
You only need to consider the extra inches you will need for this to make sure you purchase enough slabs to complete the job.

Metal / Formica Paneling

This would be the most cost-effective option, and it would have to be suited to the space to be a viable option. This would be a good option in a doctor's office or maybe a play room. Formica is a very durable material, but not necessarily the most glamorous or best for resale.


Cost: $5 per sq foot depending on the material.
This is a detail few people know is even an option, but stone can come one of two ways. It is possible to leave your solid surface with a matte finish, some call it honed, but there is also leathered with granite. These options give a more rustic feel, but also may require a little more upkeep and can cost a little more. The standard option here is polished, and you'll find that most solid surface material comes that way.

Matte / Honed

This finish option leaves the customer with a surface that has no shine. It will not reflect light but can be the perfect solution in a bathroom or movie theater setting.


There are fewer practical applications for this option as sometimes it is tricky to set cups or other level things down on. I have seen it elegantly used as a media center top, as well as a bar top.


The surface finish used most commonly is polished. Most surfaces come standard this way, and it provides for a beautiful finish. It also helps seal and protect against spills and other stains.

At Bamboo, we take the time to make sure you know and consider all the options for your remodel. We know it is super important that you know where every dollar you spend goes, and we want to make sure that each of those dollars are spent in ways that will only increase the value of your home and living space. If you have questions about counters or materials, please reach out to us and someone from our team would love to assist you.

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