5 Ways 3D can save you money on your remodel

Rachel Strong

Rachel Strong

April 26, 2019

We've all seen them. Those gorgeous 3D visuals on the tv shows before demo day and the destruction of the existing building. The phenomenal transformations that show what's about to happen to this sad, worn down home. But you might ask, "Why do they do it? Aren't 3D visuals super expensive?". The truth is no, and remodel and renovation projects can go much more smoothly when there is a 3d modeled visual plan to follow. To give you an idea, Bamboo charges around 200$ to do a simple 3D visualization. Not only is this affordable, but it helps our clients experience every detail of their renovation before it becomes reality. So, the "super modern" 3D visualization of your home, is, in fact, an option for anyone! Having one done for your remodel will also save you money, here is how:

1. Less Changes

When you can see what you're going to get before it's built, it not only gives you a comfort factor in making sure you get what you want, but it also helps you to avoid change orders during construction. It's a lot easier to move a wall or see a bunch of tiles and paint together on a computer, than once you have already started a project.

2. Fewer Visits

By having a virtual copy of your home online, it allows Pros and sub-contractors to see what it looks like now and what it should look like post remodel without ever having to leave their home. It makes it easier for them to estimate and quote without coming to your house or having to worry about your schedule. Anything that improves efficiency will also reduce cost.

3. Easy Communication

When you have a 3D model, you can spend less time explaining and more time doing. With a clear image of what needs to be done, Pros can get to work more quickly. That's important for Bamboo because we bill hourly, and want to make sure you're getting charged only for time spent doing work.

4. Prevents Mistakes

General contractors can end up paying for a lot of mistakes if there is not a clear and simple place for instructions. Oftentimes tile will get laid the wrong direction, paint get painted in the wrong room, and even wrong walls being demolished. Tradespeople are craftsmen, but they are not big readers. Even 2D blueprints aren't that useful to them, and can't convey everything that designers need them to. The Pros find 3D visuals the most helpful, so they can keep comparing their progress to the realistic end goal.

5. Remote Teams

Using visuals and 3D renderings make it easier for remote teams to be helpful on construction projects. At Bamboo, we use freelancers and employees across Europe and Asia to assist on design, 3d rendering, estimation, planning, materials purchasing, and ongoing project management during construction. Our offshore team members will cost you about 75% less then the same skilled people here in the United States. Of course, a person outside the U.S. can't lay tile or paint walls, but just like the manufacturing supply chains that build your cars, we optimize for both quality and cost to get you the best remodel we can.

We encourage all our customers to spend 1% of their total budget on visualizing what they want before leaping in on building it. It's 1% of the total cost but could save you 99% of headaches on your project. Every project we do that goes through the 3D Design Phase is more successful than the others.

3D visualization in remodels has typically been very expensive, so my caveat to the list above is that you need to be working with a provider like Bamboo that can create the 3D visuals for costs starting at a few hundred dollars. Architects are going to cost a lot more (especially for photo-realistic visuals). We sometimes get brought in by clients to help do 3D work after they have got frustrated with expensive 2D black and white floor plans that don't help to visualize the space. One of our clients in California emailed us recently about an interactive 3D design we did for her and her husband saying, "It's like seeing an ultrasound for the first time".

So - help us bring remodeling into this decade, insist on getting 3D visual mockups created of your remodel before leaping into construction - it's better and it saves you money.

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