5 Reasons you Should work with an Interior Designer

Rachel Strong

Rachel Strong

May 10, 2019

Working with an interior designer is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of affordable remodels, but I'm here to tell you that it can, and should be. Interior Design is a vital part of the remodeling process that gets overlooked because people are wary about the high fees and costs associated with them. The amazing part is that Bamboo has found a way to get you, high-quality designers, at a fraction of the price. Before I tell you more, here is some information on why it's important to work with one.

Usually, people opt for the DIY, Home Depot, Carpet Clearance Warehouse remodels which is totally an option but can honestly cost you more in the long run when you consider things like product quality and lifetime. Not to mention your own stress and time (the most valuable thing of all). There are a few noticeable advantages to finding and working with an incredible interior designer before your next remodel project.

1. Save Time

Although it's tempting to design everything yourself and find all of your own materials and things, it is an extremely time-consuming activity. I can tell you, it is not worth spending 4 hours trying to figure out a free 3D room planner online so you can attempt to reconfigure your kitchen, or spending the same amount of time at Lowes deciding if your tile matches your stain color. Designers do this for a living, which means they have all of the resources and knowledge lined up to make everything go significantly faster. They understand the market, the color palettes and the best options for your next remodel well.

2. Have a more unique end result

By working with an interior designer, not only do you have access to all of their unique materials and cool computer programs, but you also have access to their brains. Working in the design industry every day means they're consistently being exposed to cool ideas, fun materials, and original plans. By working with a good designer, you will most likely get a unique, personal and functional end result that you probably wouldn't get by trying to go it on your own.

3. Designers see potential where you may not

On the same note, designers have visual brains. They are able to imagine different uses and scenarios for each room in your remodel. They might see an opportunity for extra storage, a new wall, or even a perfect color scheme. Interior Designers have the eye, it is why they do what they do. Most modern design Pros also provide you with a 3D visual of your project so you can see what they see. These advanced visuals let you see your home with all of the different options your designer envisioned for you.

4. Designers have the right programs

The construction and remodeling world is complicated. The industry includes permitting and codes, plumbing rules, electrical requirements, cabinet standards, and resale considerations. There are so many small details to be looked at around every corner. Interior Designers have the right programs to make sure everything goes smoothly and efficiently on your project. Designers usually have specific programs for cabinetry, materials, and 3D design that each have their own unique uses and purposes.

5. Designers can see obstacles you might not

Since Interior Designers are professionals, they have a deeper understanding of the structure, soffits, electrical and plumbing. Well versed designers can catch code violations, help with knowing which walls are structural or not, and after many years of experience, know where to look for the "unexpected" hiccups in projects with things like venting or mold. Having a designer on your side could save you some big headaches in the long run.

At Bamboo, we hire the best designers from around the world to get you an affordable virtual remodel before you begin your project. We use technology and 3D visuals in the Design Phase of our projects to avoid issues during construction. To find out about how 3D can save you money on your remodel, you can read our article here, or simply schedule a consultation with us so we can get to know more about you and your project.

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