5 Most Asked Questions about Countertops

Rachel Strong

Rachel Strong

January 17, 2019

Choosing the right material for your countertops is super important. Not only are countertops a small investment, they can also really set the tone and feel of your new kitchen. Since they are so important, we wanted to break down some of the questions we get asked most frequently about countertop installation and make sure you make the most informed choice possible. Also, check out our Complete Guide to Countertop Materials for more advice on choosing the best ones!

1. What if I want white countertops?

Go for it! You have several options here. White is a hot trend right now, and we understand why; it is a classic color that opens up any kitchen and matches with everything. White obviously has some disadvantages like being able to see every speck of something dirty on them, or being more reflective than some other colors, but overall, they’re a great option. I would suggest using

QUARTZ in any "white" or "marble-esque" color. Check out VicoStone here for some options! Caesarstone also has some beautiful options, view their full catalogue here

LAMINATE has loads of options including plain white, or maybe even one with a hint of gray. These can look so nice in the right application, Formica has a version of Calacutta Marble or you can check out their full catalog here!

QUARTZITE is a naturally occurring stone, and could be very nice if you can find a white slab that suits your space. Triton, a local stone yard, has some options to browse here.

2. What if I have kids?

It’s honestly not a huge deal. Since countertops can be a small investment, obviously it’s important to choose counters that will suit your needs and your lifestyle and make sure they will last. The kid friendliest options would be quartz, quartzite, and formica. It would be possible to get away with granite, tile or concrete as well, depending on how willing you are to stay on top of sealing and cleaning your counters.

See our handy guide to all of the types of countertops here

3. What is a fabricator?

A fabricator is the person in charge of making sure your countertops fit in your kitchen perfectly. Since usually we’re dealing with HUGE SLABS of hard and heavy stone, or stone-like material, these people handle the heavy lifting, measuring, cutting and installation. Although it would be handy if we could DIY a quartz, marble or granite countertop, it’s impossible to do unless you have an industrial size, specialty saw at home. Each kitchen layout is unique, along with each wall behind the cabinets; using templates and lasers, fabricators ensure that your slab is cut to fit into your new unique space. Once they template, it usually takes a few weeks for them to cut and polish your slab as well, and then its ready for install!

4. What’s the difference between granite, quartz, and quartzite?

Great question! Lets break it down.

Granite is a naturally occurring, igneous rock that forms deep under the surface, when mined, it is cut into giant slabs. Different regions of the earth produce different colors and shapes in these slabs, some more unique than others. Granite is from the Italian word granito, which means grainy, because it usually has lots of small pieces in it.

Quartzite is also naturally occurring sandstone rock. It also is mostly comprised of quartz but appears much different from granite because it is not an igneous rock. Quartzite typically has lighter shades with gentler patterns and shapes.

Quartz (countertops) are made also from small pieces of quartz, broken up and re-molded with poly-resins for durability and control. It is a manmade material that takes inspiration from marbles and granites, while not compromising the "stone feel". Quartz offers many options that will be very consistent since they are factory made.

5. Why shouldn't I use marble countertops?

We understand, marble is BEAUTIFUL, and if we could use it everywhere we would, but it is really not a practical stone for daily use. Marble is a very soft stone which means it scratches, dents and breaks easily. Since it is so beautiful, it's also SO expensive and usually not worth the money considering the other, cheaper, similar looking options on the market today.

Marble can also discolor over time due to it being a natural material. If exposed to too much sun, heat or just as a natural reaction to the elements in the air, your marble most likely won't stay the perfect shade of white that it was in the beginning.

Countertops are such an important part of your remodel, so we want to make sure we get the best options for you. We work with local Pros in Austin to get you the best deals and selection for your new space. We hope this answered some of your questions, we are always happy to answer more if you have them! E-mail us or drop a comment below!

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