5 Gizmos to Improve your Remodel Experience

Rachel Strong

Rachel Strong

February 7, 2019

Since Bamboo is a leader in the technology field, we thought it would be useful to show our customers some ways they can also be using the power of technology to make their lives simpler, and maybe even their remodels easier. Contracting isn't considered to be a technology-fueled field, but we have some ways to show you that it could be! These handy gadgets can help give us peace of mind, and ensure our homes stay safe and secure during a remodel.

1. IP Cams

I'm sure you've seen security cameras in malls or shopping centers, but we are at a point now, where it is possible to install cameras in your own home for a reasonable price. These cameras usually connect to an app on your phone and allow you to see/hear what is happening in the rooms you place them in. In an article by Watchmen Security, they write, "In 2007 alone, the police of Baltimore, Maryland reported that their integrated network of security cameras and other safety devices reduced crime in their city by 17 percent. Nearby and equally struggling Philadelphia reduced a 37 percent drop in criminal activities after installing their crime cameras." People tend to act better when they believe they are being watched, which can benefit you and your home during your remodel.

Wowza and Nest are both great brands for cameras. Check out CNET's article comparing 52 different cameras here.

2. Smart Locks and Lockboxes

Smart locks are beginning to become more of a standard in homes across America, and for a good reason. Smart locks allow for increased security and ease of access to your home, along with the fact that it makes it easier to never lock yourself out! Certain locks can be paired with your IP cams as well to turn on whenever someone opens the door. You can change codes and know who used them and when. It's so valuable to know who is entering in and out of your home each day, especially during a remodel.

August, Lubn, Kwikset Keyless Electronic Deadbolt

3. Video Chat

FaceTime, Skype, and others have completely changed the way we talk to each other. Using live video as a means of communication can help curb misunderstandings between contractors and clients significantly.

Bamboo video chat, Zoom , FaceTime

4. Smart Smoke Alarm

Regular smoke alarms are always suggested for any home, but smart smoke alarms allow you to be one step ahead, even if you can't be home. Smart smoke alarms detect fires and Co2 levels in your and alert your phone from wherever you might be. Not only is this handy for false alarms, but it gives you peace of mind for while you're away too.

Nest and Roost

5. Valuable Trackers

Along with IP cams, there are now small tracker pieces you can place on your valuables to make sure they don't go missing. These devices use WiFi and Bluetooth technology along with location mapping to alert you when / if your item changes location or leaves its geo-tagged region. These can be super handy to place on jewelry boxes and other valuable things you don't want leaving your home! We found a few that we really liked!

Minifinder, Locca, Gecko

Although contracting isn't considered to be a technology-fueled field, these gadgets can help bring the industry and your home into the modern age. As a company, Bamboo uses several of these to help your remodel come along seamlessly and without hassle to you! We're so excited to start your project today, give us a call!

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August 18, 2018

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