5 Basic Rules of Farmhouse Design

Rachel Strong

Rachel Strong

October 3, 2019

Modern Farmhouse design has become increasingly popular in the last few years, and we understand why. This design style adds the perfect amount of charm and character to any house while keeping it looking clean and fresh. If done properly, it can really brighten up a home; making it feel cozy but not tacky like some people might remember their grandmas' old farmhouse. Instead of relying on sunflower wallpaper and old flour tins, modern farmhouse design relies on weathered wood and thoughtful accents that don't overwhelm. We have compiled 5 rules that can help you successfully bring your space into a Modern Farmhouse style.

1. Neutral Palate

The Modern Farmhouse style has its basis around a very plain, neutral palate. White or cream are found most often, with grey accents. The 60-30-10 rule is important to keep in mind. White would dominate and for your other two colors, think about using earthy shades like grays, tans, and browns, maybe even a pop of natural colors like green or blue. Bear in mind that your accent shade can be slightly bolder than the others.

2. Functionality

If you think about the old farmhouses, they were made to be functional, only now can we introduce a little more form to make it beautiful. The important thing to remember, however, is that function is still an important aspect of this style. When choosing any materials or items, make sure they have a purpose or that they could be useful. Wicker baskets, for example, can serve a purpose for storage but also make a bookshelf look nicer. You will also find things like slipcovers to be very popular in farmhouse style, they look amazing and also make cleaning days so much easier and are kid, pet and spill friendly.

3. Wood Wood Wood

An integral part of the Modern Farmhouse is using wood in many different ways to bring together space. The important thing to remember is that the stains of the wood you use are similar, try and stick with shades that are very close to each other. You should consider, exposed wood beams, wooden mantles. Butcher Block, Barn Doors, Wicker and shiplap accents. You could also consider using wood in your furniture by finding beautiful vintage pieces that could compliment your space nicely.

4. Natural Accents

Using natural accents like Leather, Cowhide, Wreaths, Furs, & Plants lets you add some fun colors and patterns without making your space feel overwhelming. Things like furs and natural fibered blankets can also make your home feel extra cozy when layered on a couch or side chair. Remember that Modern Farmhouse style still draws on the old country charm of a farmhouse, while bringing updates and using more clean lines and minimalism. Be intentional with the accents you choose so your space doesn't become overwhelming.

5. Don't Match Everything

The words charm and character should come to your mind when you see a Farmhouse Styled area. This type of beauty isn't something that can be bought in a single run to IKEA. In order to give your house a unique touch, try and find different pieces from vintage stores or flea markets. It is very important that you don't try and match absolutely everything. Even a dining room table with all different chairs can add a fun visual aspect and make sure your home keeps a cozy and charming feel.

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